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pulsera in kiki

pulsera in kiki

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our top selling item!
pulseras aka bracelets... double as a bracelet + hair accessory!
ready to ship!

pulsera details

15-17 poms threaded onto black elastic

*variations in color or pattern may occur due to the handmade nature of poms*

available to be resized smaller for a better fit on small wrists... just add a note at check out if you'd like to have your pulsera resized

handmade by

designed by Kelly and then handmade by Virginia + Nay



All pom’d orders are made, packed, and shipped with care. As a one-person team, it is very important to me that your order is fulfilled quickly and efficiently, so you can get your hands on your new pieces as soon as possible.

Shipping time frames are dependent on status of the piece(s) in your order.  This information is listed on the product page as one of the following:

ready to ship’ = this piece is already made and ready to go! Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to ship out

made to order’ = this piece needs to be made then it will be in it’s way to you. Please allow 5-10 business days for your order to ship out

custom order’ = we’ll work together on your custom piece and you’ll be kept in the loop for the time needed. If the custom order is a simple color change from an existing piece then please allow 5-10 business days for your order to ship out

Currently only shipping within the US.


wear, care, and store your pom’d pieces with love

The pompoms on your pom’d pieces can handle some moisture aka rain/snow, but please avoid wearing in the shower or fully submerging them in water (especially for pom’d studs + pom'd teardrops + pom’d rings)

    Think of pompoms as little textiles (fabric like your clothing) so try to avoid substances that could stain them. If you wear makeup and it gets on your pompoms you can gently clean then with a qtip wet with water, then dab dry with clean paper towel or wash cloth

    Sterling silver and gold filled findings may tarnish over time – to brighten them back up gently polish the exposed metal with a jewelry cloth

    The pompoms on your pom’d pieces may shed loose yarn here or there – these can be gently trimmed away with scissors

    [flecos] The strands of tinsel on your flecos (tassels) may crease over time – to avoid this from happening be sure to neatly store these

    [flecos] The stainless steel post is attached to the acrylic base and should be fully stable for long wear. If this becomes loose or falls off, the post can be reattached with super glue. If this by chance happens to you, please reach out for additional support

    [pulseras] If the elastic stretches out and you would like to re-tighten – you can pick an area along the elastic; gently move aside two poms exposing the elastic; cut in the middle of the elastic you've exposed; re-tie a knot on the elastic creating a smaller pulsera; clip the elastic tails that remain after tying the knot; reposition poms as along the resized elastic as needed

              When not being worn, store in a dry space that has plenty of room to keep your pieces from being smooshed or bent
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