pom'd support team

Erika Bilbo Fox

pom'd logo designer

and a small business owner!

Erika and I met as interns in the summer 2009 Philadelphia Art Museum internship program and have remained friends ever since.

Fun fact: after interning, we began our final year of BFA programs, which involved creating a senior design project.

Despite attending different schools, we managed to collaborate and integrate our projects. My contribution was a short film and live performance, while Erika skillfully handled all the graphic design elements, including posters, event invites, and the show catalog. The end result was truly beautiful!

So, when pom'd was coming to life and in need of a logo, I knew exaclty who to reach out to.

Lucinda Hark

pom'd ambassador / market partner / all things pom'd support

Lucinda has been a friend since 2019 and an important pom'd supporter since the week I returned from Peru with bags of pompoms.

With 10 years of retail experience, expertise in connecting with customers, a go-to curator of disco playlists, and exceptional modeling skills, Lucinda has become an invaluable member of the pom'd team.

I am very grateful for her support in starting pom'd.


my little love and my biggest supporter

Mizu is always by my side when I'm designing poms, making pom'd jewelry until 2am, prepping for a market, or putting together the online shop.

She reminds me to take breaks for walks, naps, and to spend time with friends.

While the colorful pom'd market booth may attract customers, I firmly believe that Mizu is the real draw as my trusted sidekick.

Kyle Fletcher, MBA, PHR

pom'd bookkeeping support

and a small business owner! (President at Clearview Bookkeeping and Consulting in Edmonds, WA)

I was referred to Kyle for Quickbooks support. He has been very helpful in teaching me how to manage pom'd bookkeeping and providing supportive advice throughout the process.

If you happen to be looking for a bookkeeper - I highly recommend Kyle!