FAQs compiled from pom’d markets + after 1 year running the online shop

Please reach out by email shop@pompomd.com if you have any questions that are not covered below <3

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What is pom'd?

Great question! Check out the pom’d story here 

In a nutshell… pom’d is a woman owned small jewelry business founded by a Seattle-based textile designer, who loves pompoms and working with Peruvian Artisans. We create one-of-a-kind pompom statement jewelry and accessories that are crafted in a 2-step handmade process. Our mission is to provide Peruvian pompom artisans an opportunity to showcase their craft outside of their home country… and to add a pop of color and texture to your day-to-day life.

How are the pompoms made?

Our main pompoms are made by Virginia Ochoa + Nay Tayshon. To create these small intricate pompoms Virginia + Nay use the warping method. For this method the yarn is strung under tension between two stakes positioned in the ground. To create the custom designed pom'd patterns the yarn colors are organized strategically within the tensioned bundle. Once everything is set, core stabilizing yarns are tied along the length of the tensioned bundle sectioned out based on pompom size. These sections are then cut and set aside to be fluffed up and precisely trimmed into pompoms. Each pom'd order takes ~2-3 months to complete!

How is pom'd jewelry made?

The handcrafted pompoms ship from Peru to Seattle where they move onto their 2nd handmade process... becoming pom'd jewelry! To start I organize and clean up the poms as needed before laying out project ideas. Then I hand select poms by color and size depending on the jewelry style I'm making. All poms are then prepped, strung, and secured, onto a threader/necklace chain, hoop, stud or ring, etc. After adding the poms to base jewelry findings, they go through a final trim and cleaning. 

All finished pieces are added to a pom'd jewelry card that includes the handwritten names of those who handmade the pompoms and pom'd jewelry.

How do you work with the artisans?

All communication with our artisans is done through WhatsApp. Pompom designs are shared as a pdf file that includes pattern design, colors, and quantity. We then discuss realistic lead-times based on the order considering availability of yarn, labor, and shipping strategies. 

How are the artisans paid?

Payment is sent through Western Union. Artisans are paid based on the pompom order. These payments cover: materials, labor, any transportation needed to access materials, and shipping costs from Peru to Seattle.

Prior to confirming every order payment is discussed with the artisans. Extra payment is also provided on an as needed basis - examples of things may include: changes to material costs, access to materials, challenges from political and economic climate. Payments are sent in full or in an agreed upon payment plan for each order. Prior to the artisans shipping the pompoms 100% of payment has been sent to them. 

Our relationship to our artisans is always evolving and growing. We want to ensure that the relationship and opportunities for them align with their goals. 

I've purchased pom'd pieces from local markets and noticed that the online shop prices are different, why is that?

Adjustments to prices for the online shop are a result of extra costs and labor that is needed to prepare, list, and sell online. I'm learning everyday with this small business and with that comes figuring out the best pricing that supports sustaining and growing. Unlike selling at markets, online sales require: taking, editing, and posting product photos; monthly shop fees; shipping and packaging equipment and materials; time to process, package and ship the orders. 

Thank you for your support and understanding with these pricing adjustments. Please reach out if you have any questions/concerns. 

How do I care for my pom'd pieces?

There are so many pom’d options – how do I visualize variations in different sizes?

Start here for our size guide. If you’re still needing additional reference, send an email to shop@pompomd.com and include the style/pom size you’re considering. We’ll do our best to send additional references to better inform your pom’d purchase decision.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Custom order requests may be sent through Instagram direct messages or by emailing custom@pompomd.com

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet! With the shop just launching (in feb ’23) we’ll be getting our bearings and adjusting to this new phase of our small business by focusing on shipping within in the USA. We’ll share an update when this may change.

Do you offer local pick up?

Yes (sometimes)! If there is a pom’d market or pop up then a local pick up can be arranged. If you’re located in the Seattle area and would like to arrange a local pick up (outside of a pom’d market) then feel free to email shop@pompomd.com – we can discuss a possible pick up/drop off option.

Can you rush my order?

This will depend on the availability of piece(s) in your order – check out our shipping policy to learn more. If you still have questions for a possible rush order, please email shop@pompomd.com 

I haven’t received an order or shipping confirmation email. Did pom’d receive my order?

If after checking your spam folder you still haven’t received a shipping confirmation, your order likely hasn’t been processed yet. If you still haven’t found an order confirmation and would like an update feel free to email shop@pompomd.com

What if my pom’d pieces were damaged and/or defective upon arrival?

In the event that this may happen… because well, life happens… then please send us an email at shop@pompomd.com with a photo of the damaged item(s), so that way we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

Return/Exchange/Refund Policy?


If after 14days of receiving your pom'd piece something breaks or an element goes missing feel free to reach out shop@pompomd.com . We can discuss options to get your piece repaired or possibly replaced. Please note that the fee associated will be based on what is needed for your particular piece. 

 Do you offer wholesale?

December 2023: Wholesale orders are currently on hold. Updates to come early 2024 - in the meantime feel free to email here