pom'd materials + process

We place great importance on quality materials and handmade processes that go into the making of pom'd jewelry + accessories. As a core value of pom'd, it is important for us to share information on how pom'd is made and the origin of its materials. This creates transparency on what you're purchasing and the story behind the pom'd pieces you wear.

Please reach out if you have questions or would like to learn more!


Our main pompoms are made by Virginia Ochoa + Nay Tayshon. To create these small intricate pompoms Virginia + Nay use the warping method. For this method the yarn is strung under tension between two stakes positioned in the ground.

To create the custom designed pom'd patterns the yarn colors are organized strategically within the tensioned bundle. Once everything is set, core stabilizing yarns are tied along the length of the tensioned bundle sectioned out based on pompom size.

These sections are then cut and set aside to be fluffed up and precisely trimmed into pompoms. Each pom'd order takes ~2-3 months to complete!

sterling silver + gold filled

I originally purchased these from various sellers on Etsy. They were great, but prices were high. After refing the sizes and styles I was interested in making I began to source more affordable alternatives.

Now gold filled hoops and threaders, are purchased from a AZ Findings, a wholesale company in New York.

Sterling silver hoops and sterling silver earring backs for flecos, are purchased from Safa Silver, a wholesale company in Thailand.

Chains for necklaces are purchased from Anny, a women owned small business in China.

painted hoops

I originally purchased these hoops from Etsy - but there were limited colors and cost per pair was high. After some searching I found a seller on Aliexpress who could do custom colors. They've been a wonderful partner and have helped make this a pom'd staple style.


I love rings and wanted to figure out a way to ceate a pom'd ring, but without custom casting it myself. I started the search on Etsy where I found Ulia, a silversmith based out of Ukraine. They already had a listing availble of an adjustable rign with a peg+cup design (typically used for pearl settings).

I ordered some samples and made some prototypes. I worked with Ulia to make some adjustments to peg height and cup size so the poms were super secure. I think its a match made in heaven!

These are made-to-order in small batches of 22 rings, with 3-4week leadtime.

other jewelry findings

I'm always exploring with new pom'd jewelry + accessories. I keep a tray labeled 'have fun' with lots of new findings. I dive in when I need a break from making the same thing.

These come from a range of small business owners:

Texan Wood Crafts, Texas

Silvia Findings, Canada

Beadworld, Seattle

Anny's findings, China

AZ Findings, New York

Makers from Etsy

how do you work with the artisans?

All communications with our artisans are done through WhatsApp. Pompom designs are shared as a pdf file that includes pattern designs, colors, pom sizes and order quantities. We then discuss realistic lead-times based on the order considering availability of yarn, labor, and shipping strategies. 

Our relationships with our artisans continue to evolve and grow. We want to ensure that the relationship and opportunities for them to make pompoms for pom'd are aligned with their goals and expectations. 

how are the artisans paid?

Payment is based on the pompom order- which covers: materials, labor, any transportation to access materials, and shipping costs from Peru to Seattle.

Extra payment may also be provided on an as needed basis - which may include: changes to material costs, extra support to access materials, extra support to navigate challenges from political and economic climate. Payments are sent via Western Union in full or in an agreed upon payment plan. 100% of payment for a pompom order is completed before the poms ship to Seattle.

how is pom'd jewelry made?

The handcrafted pompoms ship from Peru to Seattle where they move onto their 2nd handmade process... becoming pom'd jewelry! To start I organize and clean up the poms as needed before laying out project ideas. Then I hand select poms by color and size depending on the jewelry style I'm making. All poms are then prepped, strung, and secured, onto a threader/necklace chain, hoop, stud or ring, etc. After adding the poms to base jewelry findings, they go through a final trim and cleaning. 

All finished pieces are added to a pom'd jewelry card that includes the handwritten names of those who handmade the pompoms and pom'd jewelry.