the creative force behind pom'd...

Kelly Bogan

Hi! I'm Kelly, the "we" / "us" behind pom'd

With my background in textile design, I have a deep admiration for handmade textiles and the artistry that goes into crafting them. My affection for pompoms stems from this appreciation. To me, poms are little puffs of tightly bound arranged yarns... it's a perfect textile.

In addition to my career, I've always had a desire to collaborate with textile artisans in some capacity. It took a while to pinpoint exactly what that would look like, but I'm thrilled that it's manifested as pom'd and has taken on a life of its own.

some background

I have been a maker all my life but pom'd is my first small business! Everyday I learn something new… about supply chain, relationships, creative process, marketing, bookkeeping, inventory, time management - the list goes on and on.

Aside from pom'd I have a full time job as a textile design engineer… so my pom'd time is limited to nights and weekends. I also love to roller skate, spend time with my lil shih tzu Mizu, take polaroids, make things, and research textiles. 😘🎉💖✨🥰