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charm'd glass in raja

charm'd glass in raja

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one of a kind charm'd glass earrings made with raja baby pom bundles and caramel antique Czech glass hoops on gold filled sterling silver textured huggies

these are our most special styles due to the unique pairing of materials and the limited availability of the antique Czech glass hoops

3x handmade by

handcrafted Peruvian baby poms by Virginia + Nay then handmade into charm'd glass earrings by Kelly

antique Czech glass hoops are sourced from a family run business in Jablonec, Czech Republic and are between 70-120 years old

this style of glass was handmade by homeworkers in back garden factories, therefore have a special hand finished look

included with purchase

1 medium pom'd cotton jewelry bag

size guide

sometimes dimensions can be tricky to visualize, so here are some helpful images to show how all the sizes compare to each other



All pom’d orders are made, packed, and shipped with care. As a one-person team, it is very important to me that your order is fulfilled quickly and efficiently, so you can get your hands on your new pieces as soon as possible.

Shipping time frames are dependent on status of the piece(s) in your order.  This information is listed on the product page as one of the following:

ready to ship’ = this piece is already made and ready to go! Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to ship out

made to order’ = this piece needs to be made then it will be in it’s way to you. Please allow 5-10 business days for your order to ship out

custom order’ = we’ll work together on your custom piece and you’ll be kept in the loop for the time needed. If the custom order is a simple color change from an existing piece then please allow 5-10 business days for your order to ship out

Currently only shipping within the US.


these very special earrings are best worn with care and best kept stored in a safe + secure place to avoid breaking the glass

to be extra careful I recommend putting them on + taking them off over a soft surface so it will cushion the earrings in case of a fall

in the case a glass hoop breaks or your pair is in need of a refresh - please reach out!

don't let all this precaution concern you though! I've wore a pair at a wedding dancing the night away - all day busy vending at a market - for my birthday going from work to dinner out ;)

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